Craftin’ Corner: How to Make Fluffy Yarn Pom Poms

You know all of those adorable knit and crochet hats with the super fluffy pom poms on top?! I kept seeing them pop up on Pinterest and I decided it was time for me to give it a try! Except I was having a really hard time finding good instructions on how to do it… SO I wanted to pass along to you all! Here’s the step by step of super fluffy pom poms:



-Sharp scissors

-Yarn of choice


Step by Steps:

First, you need to prep your cardboard. I used a box we got in the mail and cut a piece that ended up being about 7″W x 3-1/4″H with a slit 1/4″ wide and 4-1/4″ W. This is not a “magical” size – play with yours to get the size you want!

Now, you wrap… wrap… and wrap some more

Note that the more you wrap, the fuller your pom will be! I like to make sure to give it a good “mound” on the cardboard before I finish.

Next, cut a piece of yarn about 18″ long. You’ll tread this piece through the slit of the cardboard so that you can tie the yarn in the middle.

After you tie it in the middle, slide it off the cardboard, and tie a knot in the opposite direction so that it’s nice and tight! Keep the ends long of the piece you used to tie the middle – this is how you’ll attach it to your hat.

Get your scissors ready – the sharper the better! Start by cutting the loops all the way around, making sure to avoid the strands for tying.

Once all of the loops are cut, you will trim, trim, and trim some more until the pom is nice and fluffy/symmetrical.

Tip: I find it helpful to grab areas to trim and hold it closely together as if you’re cutting hair

You did it!!! Wooo!! Now use your long ends to attach to the top of the hat… and you have a Pinterest worthy pom pom!

I want to see all of your beautiful pom poms! Tag me on Instagram (@SageEncounters)!

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