23 Random Facts About Me

I’ve always thought that it is fun to learn the “quirks” of people and how they operate. I want to get to know each other, so figured I would start the conversation! Tell me things I should know about you in the comments!


1. I went to Indiana Wesleyan University and double majored in entrepreneurship and finance

2. Matt and I got married June 2017 and I am very much looking forward to being a mom some day to hopefully a lot of little ones!

3. I’ve started 4 businesses so far – my first when I was just 10 years old

4. HGTV is my jam

5. My new initials are HGT (I’ll just add the v for my own satisfaction)

6. I’m dreaming of someday going to Waco, TX to visit the silos! And meet Chip and Jo!

7. I’m slightly (okay very) OCD about really random things… sorry Matt

8. When I have a goal, I am the definition of determined and focus

9. I can’t do a cartwheel! That has always frustrated me!

10. Lists are a must for me to function. The more lists, the better (as I write this list 😉 )

11. Watching movies and crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies

12. I am notorious for not finishing drinks… ask my husband how many half finished water bottles are around the house

13. My birthday is on Earth Day!

14. I have a serious addiction to plants… especially succulents

15. Someday, I want to flip a house. How fun would that be?!

16. I have two older sisters (+1 brother-in-law) & a younger brother

17. The lake is one of my favorite places to go in the summer!

18. I have 34 cousins on one side of the family… and counting

19. I am horrific at spelling

20. The Office & Parks and Rec are my fave TV series

21. I love love love dogs. The more, the better if you ask me

22. I am only 5 feet tall

23. I was baptized on my 13th birthday!

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1 thought on “23 Random Facts About Me

  1. I have a false front tooth.
    I hate mustard.
    I’m the tallest member of my immediate family (5’7″).
    I love crunchy food, including somewhat burnt food.
    My mom almost went on a date with Larry Bird.
    My initials spell MAT.
    I once ate a whole large pizza by myself.

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