5 Lies You Were Told in College

Ahhh college. A wonderful time full of new friends, new experiences, and new opportunities. I remember before my freshman year of college having overwhelming feelings of excitement and also fear for all of the unknowns. Everyone you know is throwing advice your way! After going through college, trust me, here are five things you were told about college that are lies.

p.s. enjoy a few pictures from my college experience throughout – what a baby!

You Need Student Loans

Guys. This is one of my biggest regrets. I worked my booty off in high school to get the best grades possible, be involved in church and volunteering, and working to earn some cash. I had even started my own business! I thought that would somehow miraculously get me through school without loans. I thought it was okay to only apply for maybe 20 scholarships, tops. wrong. I got a few good sized scholarships, yes, and I’m very thankful for those! Buy why did I stop there? I validated my laziness in this aspect by the fact that I had a clear cut plan to graduate in three years. I’d already save a lot of money doing that, right? I’ll get a student loan for the rest, right?

Well I’m paying for it now. I’m only two years out of college, but MAN am I so on fire and ready to get rid of these debts. I’ve made great progress on them, but we still have a ways to go…. Thank youuuu private college tuition.

Moral of the story: put in the work on the front end, work through school, do anything that you can to go through college debt free! There are thousands of scholarships you can apply for. Do it!!

You Need A Credit Card

Are you seeing a trend with these first two lies? You really don’t need to borrow money! Run away! Because honestly, you do not need Starbucks for the fourth time this week, nor do you need that new shirt (I know, I know, it’s so cute). And you really really really don’t need to put it all on a credit card. How can your money grow in the future if it always has an obligation to the past? Getting a credit card just to “build credit” is only going to hurt you in the long run. You will buy things that you don’t need with money you don’t have just to increase an arbitrary number that says you’re awesome at borrowing money.

Think about it! You only need credit if you plan on borrowing money. What if you never borrowed money and spent out of what you actually HAVE? If you saved up for something you wanted and paid cash instead of constantly acting on impulse? If you saw how much you pay your credit card company in interest, I wouldn’t have to fight you on this. Have fun and spend your money, but don’t go overboard. Get out the scissors and cut the plastic.

You’ll Meet Your Future Spouse

No doubt that some people definitely do find their spouse in college and that is absolutely amazing!! What hurts you though, is when you go into college with the expectation that you’ll meet your spouse. That’s not fair to you or anybody that you date! College is a time to learn who you are, meet great friends, and do crazy random things at 2am. Don’t go to college solely for that MRS degree, ladies.

You Don’t Need A Plan

I’ll admit it: I’m a super nerd. And I’m proud. I went into college knowing exactly what majors I wanted and I was determined to finish my bachelor’s degrees in just three years. I did just that! But there’s no way that it could have been done without a clear, thought out plan to get it done. Guys, this meant that I was planning this strategy in high school when I took college credit classes so I could go into freshman year of college with a full semester of credits complete.

Look, I get it. Not everyone is as much of a planner as I am. But you need to have some kind of idea of what you want out of college. If you really aren’t ready to declare your major before starting classes, be smart about it! Get your general education classes out of way while you explore things you are interested in and figure out your plans for the future.

You’ll Be Busy All The Time

Alright, here’s the thing. You will have weeks where you don’t have a choice but to pull an all-nighter so that you get everything done on time. But there will also be weeks where you binge watch the entire series of Parks and Recreation. Freshman year smacked me right in the face and forced me to learn time management skills. And guess what? I had plenty of time to binge watch Netflix just because I learned time management.

College was such a fun stage of life and I’m so thankful for all of the new life experiences and amazing friends made along the way. Enjoy your time in college, set yourself up for success in your future, and don’t buy any of the lies you’re told!

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